Guidelines for Verification Documents

In connection with being a customer, you may be asked to upload documents to confirm your identity and address as well as the payment method you use.

We strongly recommend that you upload these documents as soon as possible so that you do not experience interruptions in your game.

We need the following from you:


Accepted documents include:

Health insurance card
(can be used both as an ID card and as proof of address)


Driver’s license

ID-card (issued by the government)

Your identity document must:

  • Be in color
  • Be valid
  • Have a clear picture
  • Include a signature
  • No missing corners

Proof of address

Accepted documents include:

Consumption bill (gas, water, electricity)

Or a bank statement from your bank

Your proof of address must:

  • Be in color
  • Be issued in your name
  • Include your address
  • Be issued within the last 3 months
  • Show your bank/company logo

Credit card

If you choose to pay using a credit card, you must send us a copy of the card. You only do this once per card you use. If you continue to use the same card, do not send this again.

Submit the following:

The front of the card

  • Must be in color
  • Only the first 4 and last 4 digits of the card must be visible
  • Cover the middle 8 digits of the card
  • No missing corners

You can easily submit your documents and you only have to do it once. You simply upload them via the Checkout section when you log in. It is only necessary to upload additional documents if you use a new credit card, a new payment method, or you change your personal information (ie address, name, etc.).

We review the documents as quickly as possible, usually within 12 hours. It may take longer if additional confirmation is needed, so if you have not heard from us within 48 hours, please contact customer service.