Welcome to the Very Important Player club.

Aaahhhh - is there anything better than being pampered at the Very Impotant Player club? Here everybody from the bouncer to the owner knows your name and treats you with the respect you deserve.

Even appreciating your company to a point where we hand out free gifts and surprises, just to make you stay a little longer.

At Clemensspillehal we take retention very seriously. We take pride in giving something back. As an esteemed VIP you'll have us jumping around to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

On the VIP level we hand out extra bonuses. Free tickets for concerts, musicals and backstage treatment on special events.

We might even make Clemens sing a song just for you on your birthday.

All this and much more will be within your reach, just by having fun and feeling the Danish 'hygge' in Clemensspillehal untill you reach the Very Important Player level.

VIP account management benefits are subject to initial and regular assessment of your financial circumstances.